Web Document Analysis 2005
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
The workshop is going to be held in room 'Lily' from 9-5 on the 28th of August. Here is a map of the location: map. Note that it is on the 3rd floor of the Olympic Parktel. The official ICDAR page states that it is the 4th floor, but the maps provided state the 3rd floor. Either way - see you at 'Lily.'

The schedule for the day will be as follows:

9:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks.
9:15 Invited Speaker: Dan Lopresti
10:30 Session 1, 3 talks

* Using Computer Vision to Detect Web Browser Display Errors: Liu, Doerman
* Link-Based Clustering for Finding Subrelevant Web Pages: Masada, Takasu, Adachi
* Indexing the Blogosphere One Post at a Time: Glance

12-1:30 lunch break
1:30 Session 2, 3 talks

* Mining Tables on the Web for Finding Attributes of a Specified Topic: Kise, Ohmae
* PACE: an Experimental Web-based Audiovisual Application using FDL: Caillet, Carrive, Brunie, Roisin
* EMD based Visual Similarity for Detection of Phishing Webpages: Fu, Wenyin, Deng

3-3:20 break
3:20-4:45: Discussion
4:45-5 Wrap up

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